Making a change, making a difference

Gizos Energy (Gizos, the native Abenaki word for "Sun"), believes in a future powered by clean, green, renewable energy. Its team of experienced professionals are committed to developing, building and operating superior renewable energy generation projects that will make a difference in the communities, and in the world, in which we work and live.


Work with us to help you make a change.

With a focus on commercial, community and regional projects, the Gizos Energy team knows that the best projects are the result of careful planning, and working closely with landowners, communities, and utilities. 

We also acquire almost-ready, shovel-ready and operating MW-scale solar projects.


Contact us to discuss your site and solar project

If you have a site of 5 acres or more that could host a solar facility, we would look forward to hearing from you. Our team can quickly review and analyze your site, anywhere in the US.

If you have a project and would like to consider working with GIZOS, we would be happy to explore a number a scenarios that could prove beneficial.