Farmers, land managers and land owners are core to our business. We understand any landowner’s decision to re-purpose land is not made without careful consideration. With solar offering a very competitive economic yield per acre for many farms, our extensive experience working with landowners results in a simple and transparent process from lease signing to construction completion

  • Financial

Hosting a renewable energy project can bring a favorable revenue stream to your business either through lower energy prices and/or lease payments.

  • Long-Term

Purchasing renewable energy through a long-term agreement enables you to lock in a substantial portion of your energy bill at a competitive rate for 15 to 20 years.

  • Green Image

On-site renewable energy production delivers an enviable green marketing edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • Revenue

Long term revenue in the form of a competitive lease rate (guaranteed over the life of the project)

  • Minimal Impact 

Solar projects are light on the land and can be removed


  • No Risk 

We do all the work and take all the risk with regards to due diligence, development, construction, and maintenance


  • Community Benefit 

The utilization of your property for solar farming will produce renewable electricity for the region and a tax benefit for the community


  • No Change in Ownership Status 

At the end of the term your land will be returned to you and restored to its previous condition

  GIZOS knows that property owners are always looking for the best way to use their land. If you’re interested in learning how to use a portion of your land to harness solar energy, we’d like you to consider the information below. GIZOS has a deep knowledge of project development and operations, and the financial stability you want in a long-term tenant.

Did you know that solar farms make great neighbors?

      • Systems are environmentally passive
      • Panels and mounting equipment are not harmful to the environment
      • Solar systems operate silently
      • Solar systems are unmanned and monitored remotely so no property traffic will occur except for occasional maintenance


Your site should have:

      1. At least seven acres of land, but some projects could be over 100 acres
      2. Land that is generally flat or sloping gently south and free of trees, wetlands and land use restrictions
      3. Ideally, three-phase power lines, a transmission line, or a substation close to the land

To see if a solar farm might be the right fit for your property, please reach out to us using the form under Contact Us 

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