• Proven Track Record

Members of our team have participated in the development, construction and operation of many megawatts of wind, hydro and solar energy. We approach each project with a sensitivity to the environment, the community and the landowners.

  • Regulatory Expertise

Market level expertise is required to maximize the financial and social benefits offered by solar energy. We have a comprehensive understanding of each of the markets within which we operate, and develop our projects to best leverage each market's regulatory framework.

  • End-to-End Execution

The GIZOS Energy team has experience in all facets of solar project development. From site identification and system design, to financial structuring and construction management, GIZOS Energy is your complete solar solutions partner.

We are highly experienced at project level due-diligence, and our projects have committed financing from solar focused investors. This gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently assess and commit to your site. The result is less time wasted in pre-development, and a shorter time to get to construction and operations.

  • Value Proposition

Whether your land is fallow, cultivated or growing timber, solar is increasingly becoming a superior economic option. As a revenue generating asset, solar farms pay a reliable, predictable annual lease rate for 20 or more years. This income, whether supplemental or primary, can provide a hedge against the variability of crop yields.

  • Vertical Integration

One stop shopping. We finance, develop, construct, operate and manage projects with an eye on business, utility and corporate off-takers. We directly manage each phase of the project life cycle, including power purchase agreements with the end user.

  • Financial Backing

All GIZOS projects are supported by a pool of funding that is committed to the development, construction and operations of utility-scale solar energy projects throughout the US.

  • Transparent Process

After obtaining basic information, we'll schedule a site visit to walk your property, explain our development process and answer any questions you may have.

Should you decide to partner with us, we'll execute a lease "option" agreement that pays you a fee while we perform required environmental and permitting diligence tasks. During this time you can continue to use your property on an unrestricted basis.

If diligence tasks are successfully completed, the option is converted to a land lease. Once construction activities finalize, the portion of your property hosting the system will then be fenced and secured.


GIZOS Energy has formed a partnership with a strong European energy and investment firm that specializes in the engineering, procurement, construction, financing and operation of solar energy facilities worldwide. This partnership provides GIZOS with committed funding from the very start of each project, and allows the projects to advance rapidly through the development process.

Each entity in the partnership brings significant renewable energy expertise at all project stages. We are all committed to renewable energy and the rapidly expanding role it plays in our energy future.

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